Living the Motorsports Life

About Enthusiast

I think being an enthusiast is more than liking a particular car, knowing a bit of trivia, or even enjoying the experience of driving. It’s that feeling of being at the absolute limit, yet just reigning it in from disaster. It’s the friendships formed around the track and the garage; it’s a lifestyle.

With our designs, I wanted to capture that. Solid design, appreciated by everyone, understood by drivers: that is ENTHUSIAST.

I launched Enthusiast Apparel in September 2007 with four fresh designs, and no idea how to make shirts.

It was a slow start. My first real month pushing the brand, I managed to sell 150 shirts… at a profit of just $150. It wasn’t ideal, I overspent on marketing, shirts, pretty much everything. But it was obvious it could work so I stuck with it.

Picking up momentum in early 2008, the big break came with my first spot during Top Gear on BBC America. I’ve been at it full time ever since.

The past several years have been good to us. But most importantly, we’ve connected with a huge group of enthusiasts across the world.

Here’s to you!